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Friday, October 23, 2009

Kundalini Sakti Deepening Meditation

Kundalini Sakti Deepening Meditation

On 18 October 2009 at the Matahari Ballroom Hotel Nikki Denpasar, Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation under the tutelage of Kundalini Spiritual Teacher I Putu Ngurah Ardika,, and Ida Ayu Inten Ganetri, S.H., hold a meditation with the deepening of the kundalini sakti or superior. Before the meditation together, in the morning 06.00 - 08.00 wita event purification held together in Merta Sari Beach, Sanur. This meditation training began in the hours 12:00 to 17:00 wita and followed by around 200 of the kundalini students both new and old because it could be followed by all students either beginners or kundalini senior

On that occasion, Mr. Ngurah Ardika said that the kundalini sakti / superior energy extraordinary and in view of this powerful spiritual kundalini is based on the tail bone with the sun and moon decorated. Kundalini sakti / Superior has several stages of the generation stage I called kundalini sakti, kundalini Phase II is a super powerful and Phase III is the stage of super-cosmic. If all of this will be raised to glory and fame effects in people. Because once stood will radiate an aura of luck with the corresponding perfect that would be full of charisma and authority. In addition, kundalini sakti also serves to clean the layers of the body and for physical and spiritual healing.

With the rise of kundalini sakti / superior is someone will be able to treat themselves, family and others and most importantly can be used for cleaning the layers of the body which is actually a sin and our karma, both from the past, present and future.

Besides deepening exercise kundalini sakti, also provided training and Agni Sakti and Dragon Wisesa. According to Pak Ngurah Wisesa Dragon is located in the mind that serves to inhibit the divine energy into us, so if this Wisesa Dragon issued the holy divine energy will flow freely and perfectly. Having issued this Wisesa Dragon can stay in the neck or the waist and will serve as a weapon by the name of the Dragon Nenggala that can be used to protect themselves and families.


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