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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vegetarians in Spiritual Depth

Vegetarians in Spiritual Depth

Vegetarian diet is good for man to achieve and maintain optimal health. Today has been a lot of ordinary people who made the concept of vegetarianism as a reference of everyday life for health reasons, but not many who understand how the concept of vegetarianism is applied in a spiritual level. Vegetarians in the spiritual concept are defined as not killing (Ahimsa). Man as a creature of reason and reason are not allowed to interrupt, destroy something even more violence against animals with any purpose. Because animals have a spirit in the soul with the image could natural tears and bleeding. In contrast to plants those are categorized as living beings who have spirits but do not have souls.

Basically people do not have canine teeth and short intestines as well as carnivorous animals, and then humans actually created God only to consume vegetables. In the vegetable contains a variety of nutrients. By consuming vegetarian foods we will get peace of mind. If we take the example of meat-eating animal like a tiger or a crocodile, animal what people were eating and how his character, attack, capture and kill the enemy. In contrast to horses, elephants, cows, etc. what they eat? can be concluded that the pattern of food to create a pattern of characters and patterns of thought. If we can be a vegetarian, we will experience peace, we always get a blessing from God, more respectful of ourselves and most importantly we do not threaten the survival of animals.

How does the food we eat so we thought, "You are what you eat" A food pattern is a pattern of characters. Humans who do not like killing animal’s character softer, more peaceful, more embracing, more radiate love and the characteristics of other peace

Vegetarians in the spiritual level are not meant to kill and destroy an animal's survival. The concept of a vegetarian in a spiritual context divided in two levels of mental level and the level of thinking. Mental defined as the nature and an attitude held by a man while thought is interpreted as an underlying character of a man. Between mental and thought must be complementary to each other. The better we are undergoing the concept of vegetarianism (Ahimsa) is the good karma we get.

According to Mr. Putu Ngurah Ardika True Teacher of Kundalini in his book Way of Generating Ahimsa Love and Wisdom says that a vegetarian is a choice based on the ability of conscience. Mr. Ngurah did not force students to choose a vegetarian. Only for those who want a better vegetarian be done in stages. In kundalini spiritual teaching that you will provide guidance automatically. For mature kundalini will provide guidance to not eat meat, just need to be trained little by little.

Vegetarian spiritually very profitable, but clean living a vegetarian without violence. God provides not only the doctrine should not kill people but not kill all living things. God created animals to accompany humans, God gave the holy guidance, take care of him, do not hurt him.

A vegetarian is not only required to not kill but more than that is not to say rude, do not do evil, no evil thought. All of this is mean of ahimsa. There are important things why we agreed to live a vegetarian life choice. Do not we want freedom from the inner burden of our sins. Clearly one of the requirements for achieving the perfect life of achieving freedom or immortality is brought compassion, love and wisdom.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Spiritual Thoughts

Spiritual Thoughts

Once entering the spiritual world
then the person automatically has a companion Teacher,
a supporter of his instrument as well
more distant as assisting the Dharma,
He co ... God Almighty ...
On their shoulders now carry the burden of responsibility
such a large but very noble ...
Because they have unwittingly entered into the circle, God ...
with all the consequences ...
So one fundamental thing that should be implemented
is to always keep the sanctity and purity
Thoughts, words and deeds ...
wherever located ...
Because they now bring the good name of Guru ...
good name of Dharma ... act of devotion to He ...
God Spirit

Four Signs You Have Inner Ability

Four Signs You Have Inner Ability

Many people want to have the inner ability, such as knowing something will happen, see things hidden, seen or unseen beings see a picture of the future. They want to learn how do to these capabilities can be controlled.

The children have mental abilities better than adults in general. This is because the kids have not negatively affected by a growing view in the community about people with psychic or paranormal abilities. The level of trust the children to the feelings and intuition is very large, so they often know people who intend to be mean or feel the occurrence of something unexpected.

Some people are given the excess capacity is maintained until the inner adult. If you are experiencing signs mentioned below, means you have a positive mental ability, and should continue to develop so useful for your life.


One sign that you have the inner capacity of dreams. If your dream is alive, or as happened really, chances are you have a mental ability. So is the dream of similar or repeated several times, or even dream continued. Dreams of working at a level different. The dreams are a reflection of the situation and your feelings about certain situations. The dreams that contain inner strength is usually easy to follow and easier to remember.


The more often you can feel the feelings of others and predict events that will happen to him, means you have the inner ability. People who have mental abilities typically similar to the situation in the lives of others or empathetic. Sometimes you find people who will call you before the phone rings or see people behind the door. Lots of psychic has the ability to say to someone when an emergency will occur. Often a psychic can predict the specific things that will happen to your family or friends.

Sign of 3

Its size is your spiritual activities. A psychic is usually very spiritual. If you have a feeling universally connected to the world and has a strong belief in God or Supreme Power, it is very likely that you have inner strength. Paranormal in general believe there is life after death and believed that the soul is able to be in other dimensions. Sometimes also a psychic who communicates with dead people.

Sign of the 4

Trying to increase inner strength. The people who have inner strength tends to increase the ability through meditation. If you like meditation, to improve the ability of the mind, and felt a connection with the outside world when you are alone, you most likely have the inner strength.

If you are feeling any signs of it, do the development with the proper training and regular with a strong belief that you will be able, while still practiced in order to become more powerful.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Activities Schedule Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation in November 2009

Activities Schedule Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation in November 2009

  1. Sunday, 1 November 2009 purification in Pesraman Semanik start 09.00 wita - finish
  2. Tuesday, 3 November 2009 Meditation in GOR Ngurah Rai starts at 20.00 wita - finish
  3. Friday, 6 November 2009 Meditation in Wantilan Poh Gading start at 20.00 wita - finish
  4. Sunday, 8 November 2009 Gebyar Kundalini at Nari Graha Building Renon began at 09.00 wita - finish
  5. Tuesday, November 10, 2009 Meditation in GOR Ngurah Rai starts at 20.00 - finish
  6. Friday, 13 November 2009 Meditation Kundalini Ajaib Wantilan Poh Gading starts at 20.00 wita - finish
  7. Sunday, November 15 purification at Pura Tirta Empul start wita 06.00 - finish and Kundalini Sakti Deepening Meditation at Hotel Nikki start at 19.00 wita - finish
  8. Tuesday, 17 November 2009 Meditation in GOR Ngurah Rai starts at 20.00 - finish
  9. Friday, 20 November 2009 in Meditation Kundalini Ajaib Wantilan Poh Gading start at 20.00 wita- finish
  10. Sunday, 22 November Tirta Yatra to Batu Bolong Temple, Canggu start at 09.30 wita - finish
  11. Tuesday, November 24, 2009 Meditation in GOR Ngurah Rai start at 20.00 wita - finish
  12. Friday, 27 November 2009 Meditation Kundalini Ajaib in Wantilan Poh Gading start at 20.00 wita - finish
  13. Sunday, November 29 Tirta Yatra to Indra Kusuma Temple , Jembrana start at 09.30 wita - finish

NB: Dates above subject to change

For more information can contact the secretariat of Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation, Jalan Lembu Sura Kav. I No. 3, Br Poh Gading, Ubung Kaja - North Denpasar, Bali, Tel 0361-8509601 and tel Usadha clinic 0361 8078842

Friday, October 23, 2009

Kundalini Sakti Deepening Meditation

Kundalini Sakti Deepening Meditation

On 18 October 2009 at the Matahari Ballroom Hotel Nikki Denpasar, Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation under the tutelage of Kundalini Spiritual Teacher I Putu Ngurah Ardika,, and Ida Ayu Inten Ganetri, S.H., hold a meditation with the deepening of the kundalini sakti or superior. Before the meditation together, in the morning 06.00 - 08.00 wita event purification held together in Merta Sari Beach, Sanur. This meditation training began in the hours 12:00 to 17:00 wita and followed by around 200 of the kundalini students both new and old because it could be followed by all students either beginners or kundalini senior

On that occasion, Mr. Ngurah Ardika said that the kundalini sakti / superior energy extraordinary and in view of this powerful spiritual kundalini is based on the tail bone with the sun and moon decorated. Kundalini sakti / Superior has several stages of the generation stage I called kundalini sakti, kundalini Phase II is a super powerful and Phase III is the stage of super-cosmic. If all of this will be raised to glory and fame effects in people. Because once stood will radiate an aura of luck with the corresponding perfect that would be full of charisma and authority. In addition, kundalini sakti also serves to clean the layers of the body and for physical and spiritual healing.

With the rise of kundalini sakti / superior is someone will be able to treat themselves, family and others and most importantly can be used for cleaning the layers of the body which is actually a sin and our karma, both from the past, present and future.

Besides deepening exercise kundalini sakti, also provided training and Agni Sakti and Dragon Wisesa. According to Pak Ngurah Wisesa Dragon is located in the mind that serves to inhibit the divine energy into us, so if this Wisesa Dragon issued the holy divine energy will flow freely and perfectly. Having issued this Wisesa Dragon can stay in the neck or the waist and will serve as a weapon by the name of the Dragon Nenggala that can be used to protect themselves and families.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

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Friday, June 12, 2009


Mr.Ngurah Ardika is patrilineal come from Banjar Sakti, Sakti Village, Nusa Penida, Klungkung, the ancestral father (parents) in line is the Knights purusa Dalem Sri Aji Kresna Kepakisan and generally is predana Arya Sentong.

In his spiritual journey was not without a process, although the spiritual abilities such as kundalini, inner eyes and travel astral body is believed to have carried since birth, he was born on September 2, 1970 in Banyuning Village, Buleleng. Until the age of 12 years was used to do astral travel to pray to the holy places. In astral travel is not rare to meet with the holy spirit that teaches a variety of spiritual abilities. At the age of 12-29 years is a period of spiritual learning for him. Young Ngurah teachers learn not to like most people, but get direct guidance from God Almighty, Seven Rsi and the Gods.

Later in the mature age of 29-34 years is a purification process begins with a soak in a holy spring in Mertasari Beach, Sanur, then at Menjangan Sea Coast, West Bali, Buleleng. Final purification done at the holy spring Tirta Empul Temple, Sukawati, Gianyar.

After 34 years of age, Mr. Putu Ngurah Ardika start teach and raise the kundalini. This activity is carried out at any time and at every opportunity. Free generation is often done in various places. Only close to the True Teacher of Kundalini, a person who has a spiritual gift to be able to experience a spontaneous kundalini awakening.

Activities in the social, humanitarian and religious by Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation which he founded can never stop lived. Solid everyday activities, including writing a book. Many spiritual books that have become the results of his work and was circulated in some bookstores.
Amid the bustle of crowded, affection of two sons and one daughter who coached with his wife (Komang Primadani) remained perfect shed. Harmonious relations, mutual respect within the family that is what he always planted to thousands of students belonging to the Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation..

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Sembahyang dan Melukat

Sembahyang dan Melukat bersama di Pesraman Semanik

Pada tanggal 17 Mei 2009 Yayasan Spiritual Dharma Sastra mengadakan acara sembahyang dan melukat bersama di Pesraman Semanik di Desa Pelaga, Petang Badung. Acara ini diikuti oleh ratusan murid yang datang dari seluruh Bali dengan sarana penglukatan berupa nyuh gading, nyuh bulan, nyuh gadang dan nyuh udang. Saya sendiri mengikuti penglukatan dengan sarana 3 buah nyuh gading dan 1 bunga sandat karena masuk kelas umum. Acara ini berlangsung dari jam 09.00-12.00 wita, dimulai dengan melukat, sembahyang bersama dan acara lempar bunga dan batu ke Lingga Yoni

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Meditasi Perdana di GOR Lila Buana

Pada tanggal 28 April 2009 meditasi rutin yang biasa dilaksanakan pada hari Selasa yang biasanya bertempat di Yayasan Spiritual Dharma Sastra dipindah ke Gedung Olah Raga Lila Buana di Jalan Melati Denpasar. Suasana GOR memang lebih nyaman rasanya namun sayang suara speakernya masih agak pecah dan bergema sehingga terdengar agak mengganggu tapi itu semua tidak mengurangi antusias para murid Spiritual Kundalini untuk melaksanakan meditasi di bawah bimbingan langsung Bapak Ngurah Ardika dan Ibu Dayu Inten Ganetri. Meditasi dimulai dari jam 20.00 wita dan berakhir sekitar jam 22.00 wita

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Pesraman Semanik

Menyadari kompleknya kebutuhan kehidupan duniawi, materi dan rohani Yayasan Spiritual Dharma Sastra, sebuah yayasan yang mengenalkan tentang ajaran Spiritual Kundalini mendirikan sebuah Pesraman Hindu yang bertempat di bawah kaki gunung Pucak Mangu di Banjar Semanik, Desa Plaga, Petang Badung dengan rencana kawasan kurang lebih 30 hektar yang mulai didirikan sekitar bulan Pebruari 2008.

Pesraman ini sebagai ide dari Guru Sejati Kundalini, Bapak Putu Ngurah Ardika yang juga sebagai pendiri dan pembina Yayasan Spiritual Dharma Sastra. Maksud didirikan pesraman ini adalah untuk mencerdaskan kualitas umat Hindu sesuai dengan tuntunan zaman dan globalisasi.

Pesraman ini nantinya akan menjadi media pembelajaran bagi umat Hindu untuk meningkatkan Sumber Daya Manusia Hindu yang tangguh, bermoral, berbakti, cerdas dan bijaksana dalam menyikapi perkembangan zaman dan juga mampu memngemban misi di bidang kemanusiaan, sosial, pendidikan, agama, budaya, adat, ekonomi, pariwisata dan pertanian dalam arti luas untuk mewujudkan kemakmuran dan kesejahteraan umat.

Keadaan sekarang di Pesraman Semanik tengah merampungkan pembangunan tahap pertama berupa Pura Semanik, walaupun belum rampung berbagai aktivitas spiritual sudah dilaksanakan seperti persembahyangan bersama dan penyucian diri (melukat) yang dilaksanakan minimal sebulan sekali.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Spiritual Journey Process of Kundalini

Spiritual Journey process of Kundalini

In real life, someone who pursue the spiritual especially Spiritual Kundalini Bali under the auspices of the Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation should always be kept out of desperation.
According to Mrs. Ida Ayu Inten Genitri (Bu Dayu) one of the teachers in the Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation should we as students must always be patient and steadfast face various trials of life. The purpose of spiritual teaching kundalini it self is to find inner balance and wisdom that is not swayed against the duality of life, or tidal life.

In general, whatever happens in this life is actually the result of our own karma, whether originating from the birth of present and past, we recall off or not. Therefore, we should rejoice because it is paying off karmic debts and through this spiritual journey, in fact the purification process that occurs will be accelerated and facilitated.

Now depending on the thickness of the inheritance of sin, which brought the karma will determine the degree of quantity and quality of experienced trial. Until one day we will begin to feel true happiness as the scales began to win good karma.

So in the process of spiritual living, in the beginning will happen with the purification process due to all the trials and suffering (grief) will appear alternately. In the end we will enjoy lasting happiness, when we become pure self.

Be patient, because anyone who wants to "level up" the level of spirit should continue to undergo any faced with great balance and a smile

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Dalam Agama Hindu ada empat jalan untuk mencapai atau menuju Tuhan yaitu yang disebut dengan Catur Marga atau disebut juga Catur Marga Yoga yang terdiri dari :
1.Jnana Yoga yakni cara mencapai atau menyatukan diri dengan Tuhan dengan mengabdikan ilmu pengetahuan untuk kebaikan orang banyak
2.Raja Yoga yakni cara mencapai atau menyatukan diri dengan Tuhan dengan melakukan brata ,tapa, yoga dan semadhi
3.Karma Yoga yakni cara mencapai atau menyatukan diri dengan Tuhan dengan melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan mulia dan bermanfaat tanpa pamrih
4.Bhakti Yoga yakni cara mencapai atau menyatukan diri dengan Tuhan dengan melakukan kebaikan dan sujud bhakti yang tulus dan terus-menerus

Walaupun ada empat cara tetapi tidak ada yang lebih tinggi maupun yang lebih rendah semuanya baik dan utama tergantung pada bakat atau kemampuan masing-masing. Jalan yang satu berhubungan erat dengan yang lainnya, semuanya akan mencapai tujuannya asal dilakukan dengan tulus ikhlas, ketekunan, kesujudan, keteguhan iman dan tanpa pamrih. Tanpa pamrih adalah melakukan perbuatan-perbuatan atas dasar kesucian dengan penuh keikhlasan demi kesejahteraan umum dengan tidak mengharapkan hasilnya untuk kepentingan diri sendiri.
Jika seseorang mempunyai perasaan yang halus dan mempunyai ketekunan dalam memuja Tuhan maka Bhakti Yoga yang patut ditempuh. Perwujudan Bhakti Yoga adalah melakukan yadnya dan pemujaan atau persembahyangana secara tekun dan terus-menerus. Salah satunya adalah melakukan tirtayatra.
Tirtayatra berasal dari bahasa Sansekerta, Tirta dan Yatra. Tirta artinya pemandian, sungai, kesucian, air, toya atau air suci, sungai yang suci. Secara kenyataan pengertian tirta mengarah ke wujud air. Sedangkan Yatra berarti perjalanan suci. Jadi Tirtayatra adalah perjalanan suci untuk mendapatkan atau memperoleh air suci.
Tirtayatra dalam bahasa sehari-hari di Bali dipahami dengan tangkil atau sembahyang ke pura-pura. Tirtayatra tertulis dalam Kitab Sarasamuscaya 279 yaitu keutamaan tirtayatra itu amat suci, lebih utama dari pensucian dengan yadnya, tirtayatra dapat dilakukan oleh orang miskin. Artinya tirtayatra tidak memandang orang dalam status apapun baik kaya atau miskin asal didasarkan melalui pelaksanaan bhakti yang tulus ikhlas, tekun, sungguh-sungguh dan nilai kesucian atau kualitas kesucian tirtayatra lebih utama daripada membuat upacara banten, walaupun upacara itu tingkatannya utama. Hal ini juga sangat sesuai dengan pesan kebenaran yang pernah disampaikan oleh Guru Sejati Kundalini yaitu Bapak I Putu Ngurah Ardika, S.Sn bahwa melakukan perjalanan suci atau matirtayatra lebih utama nilainya daripada melakukan upacara yadnya. Maka dari itu rajin-rajinlah melaksanakan tirtayatra atau menyucikan diri dengan melaksanakan sembahyang, karena sembahyang adalah tuntunan wajib bagi umat manusia, apapun agamanya, keyakinan dan kepercayaannya.

Tirtayatra sebenarnya sudah banyak dilakukan oleh umat sejak dulu, sejalan dengan kemajuan dan meningkatnya kesejahteraan maka tempat suci yang dikunjungi semakin luas. Umat semakin menyadari bahwa tirtayatra adalah sebuah yadnya yang paling mudah dilakukan karena dapat dilakukan oleh siapa saja.
Perjalanan suci atau tirtayatra bukanlah perjalanan biasa untuk bersembahyang, namun didalamnya termuat pengendalian diri dan pengekangan diri. Dalam kegiatan tirtayatra terjadi suatu interaksi yang positif diantara para pelaku tirtayatra. Tirtayatra akan mendekatkan antara umat satu dengan yang umat lainnya karena dalam perjalanan akan terjadi suatu komunikasi sosial, suka duka, canda ria dan interaksi lainnya. Tirtayatra juga mendekatkan antara umat dengan tempat suci atau pura dalam pengertian si pelaku tirtayatra akan mengetahui lebih dekat dan lebih dalam mengenai situasi, lokasi, sejarah serta nilai kesucian dan kebenaran yang terkandung pada tempat suci yang dikunjungi. Tirtayatra juga mendekatkan antara manusia dengan Sang Pencipta melalui pemujaan yang dilakukan di tempat suci yang dikunjungi. Dengan adanya kedekatan-kedekatan tersebut akan semakin menambah kekaguman akan kemahakuasaan Tuhan dan meningkatkan rasa bahkti kehadapan-Nya.
Tirtayatra adalah sebuah kegiatan suci dalam rangka penyucian diri secara lahir bathin, dimana di dalamnya terkandung unsur-unsur seperti :
1.Yatra atau perjalanan suci dalam suasana pengendalian diri, upawasa(puasa), japa (melantunkan mantra tertentu), dalam hal ini adalah proses tapa sebagai sebuah proses Raja Yoga.
2.Pemujaan dengan sujud bhakti dan pemusatan pikiran (Bhakti Yoga) yang apabila dilakukan secara rutin dan tekun akan menghapus kebodohan serta akan memberikan pencerahan yang merupkan proses Jnana Yoga.
3.Parahyangan atau pura atau tempat suci sebagai tempat untuk memuja Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa atau manifestasiNya.
4.Tirta atau air suci sebagai simbul waranugraha dan pancaran sinar suci Tuhan.
5.Dana punia atau pemberian sedekah sebagai ujian atau tapa dalam melepaskan keterikatan jiwa ini dengan benda-benda duniawi.

Sehingga dengan demikian tirtayatra yang dilakukan dengan tekun dan teratur serta sungguh-sungguh dengan penuh kesetiaan, konsentrasi dan kecintaan adalah merupakan pengejawantahan dari Catur Marga. Tirtayatra adalah jalan yang sederhana namun utama. Tirtayatra adalah investasi yang sudah pasti mendapatkan kebaikan.
Tirtayatra akan meningkatkan keyakinan atau srada dari umat terhadap kebenaran dan kemahakuasaan Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa. Dengan bertirtayatra sebenarnya manusia telah menjaga ketiga aspek keharmonisan hidup di dunia yakni Tri Hita Karana yakni aspek pawongan, palemahan dan parahyangan.
Dengan bertirtayatra mengarahkan badan dan jiwa kepada kesehatan, ketentraman, kedisplinan, kebijaksanaan, keharmonisan, kehormatan, kesucian, kebenaran dan terakhir kemanunggalan dengan Hyang Pencipta. Melalui tirtayatra manusia menuju pada penebusan dosa, pembebasan keterikatan, mencapai hidup yakni Mokshartam Jagadhita ya ca iti Dharma.
Bertirtayatra akan mendapatkan pancaran kesucian pikiran, perkataan dan perbuatan (Tri Kaya Parisudha). Dalam hal ini akan terlatih dalam pengendalian diri dalam kesucian, aura kesucian ini akan terpancar pada orang-orang yang ada di dekatnya, ataupun pada lingkungan tempat mereka tinggal.
Tirtayatra menumbuhkan kepekaan sosial, meningkatkan gairah seni dan keselarasan jiwa. Dengan cara sederhana ini kita memuja mohon restu dan anugrah kesucian. Semakin sering dan tekun dilakukan maka semakin terbuka jalan menuju penyatuan dengan Sang Hyang Sangkan Paraning Dumadi.
Ketika kelak nanti Sang Jiwa telah meninggalkan badan kasar ini maka teman sejati yang akan mengantar adalah subha dan asubha karma atau catatan tentang perbuatan baik dan perbuatan buruk yang dilakukan selama diberi kesempatan di dunia ini. Kebajikan-kebajikan spiritual yang telah diperbuat di dunia ini yang mengantar sang jiwa menuju alam yang lebih mulia dan sebaliknya kegiatan buruk akan mengantar sang jiwa menuju alam yang lebih rendah.
(Dari berbagai sumber)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yoga is for Every Body

Yoga is becoming increasingly more common and widely available in the West. It is not uncommon to find a yoga studio in nearly every neighborhood even in smaller, Midwestern towns far from the bustling fast-paced coastal cities like NYC, Los Angeles, and San Francisco. Not only are yoga studios becoming increasingly more common, but the yoga modalities available in many of these studios are incredible. It seems that today, there is a yoga class to fit just about anyone from any walk of life at any fitness level.

I am an avid studio hopper, never wanting to commit to just one studio. I would rather learn from as many talented instructors as possible, assimilating bits and pieces from the many branches of yoga taught in the West today. I sought yoga as a technique to integrate mind, body, and soul. My path to yoga was a very spiritual one, so I tend to gravitate toward modalities such as traditional hatha yoga, and kundalini which focus not only on the body, but calming the mind and nurturing the spirit.

But for those who are simply interested in the physical and health benefits that yoga can bring to one's life, there are many options available as well.

Vinyasa is a style of yoga that was originally developed for children, who typically have more energy and would want a more fast-paced practice than older, more seasoned yogis. In a vinyasa practice, asanas, or postures, are linked rhythmically through the breath and are typically held for about five breaths. Vinyasa classes are great for those looking for something energizing and uplifiting and aren't afraid to sweat. Look for classes titled "vinyasa," "soft vinyasa," "power vinyasa," and "hatha flow" if this is a style of yoga that interests you.

Bikram yoga is quite the craze these days, at least that seems to be the case in my hometown. Bikram is a series of twenty-six postures done in a heated room, usually 95° to 105° F. Bikram classes are a cardio workout, and require strength, flexibility and focus on the part of the practitioner. Think practicing yoga in a sauna. Birkam is great for building strength and toning muscles, and is excellent for rehabilitation. In fact, the series was designed by Bikram Choudhury after a debilitating knee injury, which he was told he would never recover from and would likely never walk again. By practicing this series of asanas, he fully recovered from his injury in only six months. If you are interested in this style of yoga, look for a studio that offers "Bikram yoga" or "hot yoga." The series can be practiced at home, but not every yoga studio will offer this style as the studio room must be heated.

Pre-natal and post-natal yoga are commonly offered as well. While some prenatal classes are merely "gentle" pregnancy yoga, other prenatal classes are focused on preparing a mother's body for the stress and strain that giving birth will place on her. These classes focus on strengthening and helping the mother-to-be learn to calm and control the mind, as she will need to do during the birthing process. Postnatal and "Mommy and Baby" classes help a mother rebuild her body after giving birth, regain flexibility and muscle tone and can help alleviate the aches, pains, and stresses of new motherhood. Many classes integrate bonding time for mother and baby, and even stretching and massage for the little one. Such classes can serve as great support groups for the incredible life changes bringing a child into the world can have on one's life.

Yin yoga is an offshoot of Taoist yoga as developed by Master Paulie Zink. Yin yoga focuses on stretching and building flexibility of the connective tissue and fascia found throughout our bodies, and surrounding the joints. Most hatha yoga practiced, especially in the West, in considered yang in nature - its focus lies in stretching and strengthening the muscles only. In a Yin yoga practice, asanas are held for extended periods of time, usually three to five minutes and up to fifteen minutes, and are centered primarily on opening the hips and releasing tension in the lower back (the very areas which most people suffer from tightness and soreness). Yin classes, although much slower paced, can leave the practitioner feeling invigorated and renewed. Attending a yin class is a great way to balance one's yoga practice, and develop one's meditation practice.

Gentle and restorative yoga classes are both excellent choices for anyone requiring a slower-paced class or recovering from illness or injury. These classes are great for those who would like to practice yoga but have limited strength, flexibility or range or motion. Such classes often use props such as blocks, bolsters, and blankets for support to facilitate practitioners in their ability to do different postures. Most classes will keep to beginner level poses.

I love yoga and encourage everyone I come in contact with to at least try it. I know it can be intimidating to look at a list of classes and not know where you fit in to the equation. Almost every studio offers beginner level classes, at the very least mixed-levels. A good yoga instructor will make you feel comfortable and welcome. Do not be afraid to ask questions, and be sure to tell your instructor of any injuries or physical limitations you may have. Don't ever feel embarrassed about your abilities or level of knowledge. We are all on a personal journey, and go down our path at a different pace. Yoga is not about competition with yourself or your neighbor. It is about personal growth and development whether physical, mental, or spiritual.

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By Erin Brennan

Location of the Chakras

The Seven major chakras of the body each have their own purpose in the body. They are arranged in ascending order from the root close to the earth to the crown at the highest point in the body. Each Chakra is vibrating at it's own frequency which means that each has a specific purpose in the body. No chakra is more important than another they must all work together in order to create balance and harmony in the body.

The Root Chakra or Muladhara is closest to the earth, it is the base support for the 3 main psychic channels, ida, pingala and sushumna. Unless you are born with a "gift" these channels remain dormant in the body until the kundalini shakti, also known as great spiritual potential, is taped into and refined, thus causing an evolution in human psyche. Muladhara draws down spiritual energy and allows that energy to assume a physical existence. The Root Chakra is located at the perineum near the anus, it is closely related to the reproductive process and feelings of fear and guilt. This chakra's symbol is represented on a lotus flower with four petals,by the colour red and the Earth element.

All of the lower chakras govern emotions, which is where you get the term "gut feeling". The Sacral chakra is located about two finger widths below the belly button where it governs feeling and sexuality. When this chakra is balanced, your feelings will be able to flow freely, and you can express yourself without being over-emotional. The Navel chakra is helpful when asserting yourself in a group, when balanced you feel in control and you have positive self esteem. It is located just below the sternum and can be recognized by it's yellow colour. Naturally the Heart chakra is about love. When it is balanced, you are more freely compassionate and friendly. The heart as you can imagine is located in the chest and is represented by green which is the next colour in the spectrum.

The upper chakras are in charge of logical processes and creativity. The Throat chakra governs self-expression and talking which make sense because it is located in the throat. When it is balanced, you will have no problem expressing yourself, but is it is easy to block this chakra by telling lies and talking too much. The Third Eye is found on the forehead where it governs insight and visualization. The third eye does not help you to see the physical world, but intuition and dreams grow here. Be aware of an over-active third eye where you begin to live in a world of fantasy. The Crown chakra also known as Sahasrara is the center of wisdom and being one with the world. It is located at the top of the head and is the most subtle of all the chakras. The Crown is represented on a violet lotus flower with 1000 petals, arranged in 20 layers each with 50 petals. This chakra is related to pure consciousness, and it is from here that all other chakras emanate.

Each of the Seven major chakras have a distinct purpose in the body. Where they are located, as you have seen, is indicative of the task each Chakra is responsible for. The vibrations tell the body how to act and respond in any given situation. Without our chakras our bodies would be empty shells and they must all work together in order to create balance in our lives.

By Janis Mclellan

Kundalini yoga basics. What Kundalini Yoga means

Physical Wisdom- Kundalini yoga Kundalini yoga is a meditative and physical yoga methodology, made up of a set of systems that involve the use of body, mind and senses to create a help the "mind" and the "body" communicate with each other. Kundalini - a concentrated form of life force or to say "prana", lies dormant in the body.

It is believed to be present in the chakras. It is visualized as a 'kundalini'which, in Sanskrit, means a "Coiled Serpent". The role of spine and the endocrine system receive a special consideration in the understanding of yogic awakening in the field of Kundalini yoga. It focuses on psycho-spiritual growth and the body's potential for maturation. The serpent of Kundalini yoga is considered to be female. It is believed that the sperpent coils up about three and a half times, with its mouth engulfing the base of the Sushumna nadi.

The classical literature of Kashmir Shaivism kundalini is described in three different manifestations. The first of these is as the universal energy or para-kundalini. The second of these is as the energizing function of the body-mind complex or prana-kundalini. The third of these is as consciousness or shakti-kundalini which simultaneously subsumes and intermediates between these two. Ultimately these three forms are the same but understanding these three different forms will help to understand the different manifestations of kundalini.

The Kundalini Yoga eBook we are providing here is a definitive guide to Kundalini Yoga. This book has been written by Harbhajan Singh Khalsa Yogiji - Also known as Yogi Bhajan an expert of Kundalini Yoga. The teachings in this ebook on Kundalini Yoga are entirely his gift. We are happy to present you this wonderful collection of guidances in the form of the Kundalini Yoga ebook that we have recieved through Yogiji. Please download the kundalini yoga e Book Here

By Yoga Guide

Yoga for better health

To make your body fit there are many exercise, many equipments, and also medicines. But if want your body fit and fine without any trainer, without ant equipments and medicines. Then there is only way by Yoga. Here I am describing you some features and explanation about yoga.

What is Yoga? The word "Yoga" comes from Sanskrit. It is a Hindu traditional way of exercise by which we can make control on our body and mind. By doing yoga we can make our body physical and mentally strong. If you do yoga 45 minutes a day after doing that I can surely tell you that your mind and body feel relax. Now there is short information about types of Yoga.

Types of Yoga Position:

1. Free Spirit • Vinyasa yoga 2. Gym Rat a. Bikram or Hot yoga b. Power Yoga c. Vinyasa Yoga 3. Gymnast a. Ashtanga Yoga b. Forrest Yoga 4. Injured a. Iyengar Yoga 5. Mellow a. Hatha Yoga b. Integral Yoga c. Kripalu Yoga 6. Self - motivated a. Ashtanga Yoga 7. Singer a. Jivamukti Yoga b. Kundalini Yoga 8. Spiritual Seeker a. Anusara Yoga b. Jivamukti Yoga c. Kundalini Yoga 9. Traditionalist a. Iyengar Yoga b. Ashtanga Yoga c. Integral Yoga d. Kripalu Yoga e. Kundalini Yoga

Most Popular types of yoga:

1. Raja Yoga - It is "Royal Yoga" running from the time of king. It is a special Yoga for your mind (dyana) to make it relax. Sit in any position and close your eyes and do meditation. It makes your whole body and mind relax. Do it 45 minutes in one day. 2. Hatha Yoga - Hatha yoga is widely performed in America. It uses body position (asanas), breathing style (pranayama), and Meditation (dyana). This yoga makes you physically and mentally strong. 3. Iyengar Yoga - It is a form of Hatha Yoga, is completely giving primacy to the physical alignment of the body. 4. Bikram or Hot Yoga - Bikram yoga is developed by Bikram choudhury. This Yoga is performing in hot room. This yoga systemically for wellness and restoration. There are 26 different poses in Bikram Yoga. 5. Pregnancy or Prenatal Yoga - This yoga is performing during the time of women pregnancy to make her body fit and in shape. It also best yoga for your baby. We enjoy performing this yoga in pregnancy period. 6. Laughter or Hasya Yoga - Hasya Yoga is physical oriented methods that remove your tension, out of this world and place in new world of peace. During this yoga people laugh for 30 to 40 minutes with noise of clapping and Ha Ha……. People perform this yoga to make their mind free from their personal tension. 7. Ashtanga Yoga - Ashtanga yoga is a yoga therapy, realigns the spine, detoxifies the body, and builds strength, flexibility and stamina.

Following are the eight limbs of Ashtanga Yoga:

1. Yama (Restraints or Abstinence) 2. Niyama (Disciplines or Devotion) 3. Asanas ( Pose of Yoga) 4. Pranayama (Breath Control) 5. Pratyahara (Retraction of the Senses) 6. Dharana ( Fix of Attention) 7. Dyana (Meditation) 8. Samadhi (Deep Trance)

By Bella Mclaine

Kundalini Energy and Panic Attacks

A disorder called Panic attacks will affect approximately 1.7% adults which relates to about 3 million people in the United States today, (medicinenet com). Unfortunately, the onset of panic attacks is most prevalent in teenagers 15 to 19 years old.

Panic attacks are a type of anxiety disorder that is sudden and unexpected and can be disabling. It is also often unprovoked, however, it is believed that panic attacks are brought on by a major life stress but can be inherited in some instances. It is not known exactly what triggers a panic attack.

During the 1970's, those experiencing panic attacks and sought treatment for some of the symptoms as in feeling a possible heart attack, extreme sense of fear, an overwhelming feeling of losing their mind, difficulty breathing, nausea and dizziness were often misdiagnosed in those days.

Physicians thought more along the lines of mental illness instead of an anxiety disorder. Sometimes episodes of panic attacks would be frequent and other times not quite so often. This reinforced the idea that it was all in their imagination for physicians. This in turn often made the patient reluctant to seek help and suffered quietly.

Recent advances have helped the situation. Treatments include psychotherapy and medications or both. Some of the well known medications are Klonopin, Paxil and Xanax.

It is important to work with your physician for these treatments. However, a new form of treatment is emerging. This treatment is called Kundalini Awakening. This treatment also helps depression.

This is basically a rich source of psychic energy in the unconscious. Being described as a coiled serpent at the base of the spine, Classical Literature called it Hatha Yoga Kundalini.

It is important to note that this is how yogins explain Kundalini, it's network of channels and chakras, or micro motions in the brain. And, a latent form of spiritual energy, or Kundalini energy, lies at the base of the spine.

This energy is released by realization or spiritual advancement. Meditation, religion or spiritual practices releases this energy.

The very symptoms of a panic attack are the symptoms of Kundalini Awakening. Historically, the terrifying rush of feelings people experience, have tried to be stopped, either by the person themselves, or physicians with medications.

Through the concept of Kundalini Awakening, these so-called panic attacks are actually manifestations of the micro-vibrations that are being stimulated. Instead of fighting these symptoms, it's important to give in to them and let them flow. In this way, recovery is then possible as there will be no fear of the symptoms.

Meditation is a way of releasing those fears. Understanding that internal energy is causing the heart palpitations and other symptoms, the patient will not fear they are dying or freaking out.

As the Kundalini Awakening is happening or just after an awakening, the person will feel a sense of wonder, strong feelings of peace, emotional joy or reverence, a strong feeling of love or contentment and a heightened sense of consciousness. Some have even reported seeing a white light.

Basically it is considered that all Yoga is Kundalini Yoga, but specific terms like Kundalini Yoga will be used by some individuals. No matter, because it the end you are still awakening the kundalini with yoga.

There are 6 stages in Kundalini Awakening. 1, Prana-flows in Ida; 2, Prana-made to flow in Ida; 3, Prana-made to flow in Sushumna; 4, Kundalini energy is awakened; 5, Kundalini-leads upwards and finally Kundalini-rises to Sahasrara.

This gives the reader a basic understanding of Kundalini Awakening. It is essential to investigate other resources and instructors in the knowledge, training and and process of Kundalini Awakening in order to understand the spontaneous awakening that often happens when alone, so you can take control or be prepared of the so-called Panic attack.

By working through personal issues and adjusting their way of thought has controlled panic attacks better than traditional medicine.

By Nick Nikolis

Yoga Is One Of The Best Ways Of Keeping Fit

The word 'Yoga' is a Sanskrit term which means Union, and it isn't used just to describe meditation, however instead it is a doorway leading into balancing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This is an ancient holistic method of individual improvement practiced for years.

This has been practiced for almost five thousand years, and it is a certain form of body conditioning that is known to place an emphasis on strengthening the mind and the body, while at the same time stimulating the soul.

A Yogi is a male Yoga practitioner and Yogini is a female practitioner. In Indian philosophy, there are six orthodox systems and this system is one of them, being a practice that ensures health for the body and the mind. Comprehending the philosophy of it is a lifetime pursuit and it is just not about squatting in lotus position and chanting.

Practicing Yoga is one of the most effective ways of handling stress and it also effective in treating back problems that result due to postural defects. Complementary therapies make people feel good and this gives enough cause to cancer patients to resort to these methods. Many experts recommend the morning before breakfast as the best time for practicing it.

Some of the styles of this discipline are listed below: Raja Yoga: This literally means kingly yoga and is one of the four main paths of yoga. The practice of this yoga is meditation and methods that help in controlling the body, mind, energy and the senses. Kundalini Yoga is not stressful and is a safe method which brings about immediate results by practicing kriyas or special exercises.

We also have Hatha Yoga which is an extremely wonderful system that is comprised of breath control and postures; it is the basis for all of the modern asana based discipline forms. Sahaja Yoga is another very unique meditation method that is based on the actual experience of self realization which can occur within each and every human being. Moksha hot yoga is an exclusive method which has the combination of healing yoga and the basics of conventional yoga and this is practiced in an especially heated room.

Yoga is getting famous nowadays and is being practiced by both the young as well as the old people as it is good for people of all ages. Yoga has become the fastest growing and most popular exercise trend of all because it isn't something that is necessarily done to you as it is something that you do. It is a great activity during pregnancy, being moderate but allowing for the buildup of flexibility and endurance.

Based on information provided by the Associated Press and Fit Yoga, the discipline is becoming increasingly popular among the soldiers that are eager to improve their mental focus, stamina and flexibility. The practice should not only be taken as an exercise but should also be accepted as a method to develop happiness and harmony from within.

By Carol Bell

Chakras or dynamoes of Cosmic Energy

Chakras as dynamoes of Cosmic Energy. They exist in the subtle physical body. The Serpentine Power lies coiled in the Root Chakra. She rises due to Meditation,when the body feels the subtle warmth of Meditation Transcendental.

These Chakras are ( in ascending order)

1. Root Chakra ( Muladhara ) 2. Anal Chakra ( Manipura ) 3. Solar Plexus Chakra ( Swadhistana ) 4. Heart Chakra ( Anahata ) 5. Throat Chakra ( Vishuddhi ) 6. Eyebrow Chakra ( Ajna )

The Five Great Elements ( Earth, air, water, fire & ether ) & Mind reside in the Six Chakras.

Earth-Principle resides in the Root Chakra Water-Principle resides in the Navel Chakra Fire-Principle resides in the Solar Plexus Chakra Air-Principle resides in the Heart Chakra Ether-Principle resides in the Throat Chakra Mind-Principle resides in the Eye Brow Chakra.

The Microscomic representative of the Macrocosmic Shakti ( Cosmic Power ), the Kundalini, sportest as the Six principles in the Six Chakras in Her Cosmic Play. She sports as Universal Power in the Macrocosm; and in the microcosm as the coiled Serpent Power!

O Infinite Power ! Thou art the Mind-principle in the Eye brow Chakra In the Throat Chakra , Thou sport as the Ether-principle In the Heart Chakra, Thou sportest as Air- principle In the Solar Plexus Chakra, Thou art Fire-principle In the Navel Chakra , Thou exist as Water-principle In the Root Chakra, Thou art the Earth _Principle, O Mighty Mother ! And in the Crown Chakra, Thou sportest blissfully with thy beloved Consort !

The meditator feels a subtle warmth in the body during her rise. His voice becomes propertied as the all the tuned spheres. The personality of the native becomes very attractive due to the influx of Jupiterian energy. Wisdom and learning grace the individual. Torrential bliss can be felt, as She rises furthur. . And when She reaches the Crown Chakra, it is Cosmic Consciousness for the native !

She is the Relative of the Absolute, the Finite of the Infinite, the Form of the Formless. She alone determines about the destiny of the individual. She alone exists as Mind Universal and is all this that is.

Intelligence Thou art The essence of all sciences The Goal supreme to be attained Thou art the Trinity Wisdom, Wealth & Valour All four aspects are Thine Wisdom, Wealth, Virility, Time Thy true nature is Transcendence And Thou sportest in the garden Of the mighty Upanishads !

The cause of Universes and multiverses Thou art the Trnity in all systems Id, Ego, Superego Parent, Adult, Child, Vata, pitta, Kapha Sattwa, Rajas, Tamas Conscient, subconscient, Superconscient Even the triune Godhead knows thee not An infinitesimal manifestation of Thine Is the Cosmos; the Primal Nature Thou art !

by G Kumar

Astral Body Projection Revealed

All the great masters of this earth were accomplished in astral body projection. They could transcend space and time and could go to far off places in their astral bodies. No wonder, they could know and understand events happening thousands of miles away! However, while such expertise may not be possible without years of practice, almost every one can experience this.

Though the popularity of astral projection has reached new unprecedented level, there are still a lot of myths and superstitions surrounding it. Astral projection is nothing but using the astral body to travel to the astral plane. During this travel, though you are still connected with your physical body, your astral body becomes the center of your consciousness. Your body feels lighter and you can easily pass through doors and other solid objects.

Here are some of the myths surrounding the astral body projection:

* Astral projection is unsafe: People think that leaving your physical body can lead it to being possessed by other wandering spirits. However, your astral body is still connected to the physical body so it's completely safe.

* Astral projection cannot be taught: This is untrue. These days there are a lot of techniques which can aid in learning this skill in a fairly short amount of time.

* Astral projection can only be achieved after years of practice: It may take years to achieve the level of expertise by experts in the field. However, that does not mean that the newbies in the field cannot begin astral traveling. In fact anyone with a reasonable amount of concentration, dedication and consistency can work to achieve astral body projection.

The out of body experience is one of the most fascinating aspects of astral travel and it can be experienced by anyone. People who take the journey gain a new insight into the everlasting nature of life!

Astral body projection is almost becoming a lost art. People who have developed the skill and techniques of astral travel are few in number and rare to come across. Most people who are serious about learning travel to India, hoping to find a guru who will agree to teach them. Unfortunately, many of us do not have the financial freedom or time to do such a thing!

Well, now you don't have to. Abhishek Agarwal, an expert from India on astral projection is now revealing some of the most safely guarded secrets on how to learn astral projection. Visit for more details.

Also, you can visit Astral Body Projection for more information.

Kundalini Yoga

Getting To Know the Basics of Kundalini Yoga

Simple aerobics exercise can tone the body but why just tone the physical aspect when a person can take up yoga and sharpen both body and mind as well? Kundalini Yoga focuses on the achievement of mental and physical perfection for its disciples and bets of all, it is free.

While most yoga disciplines focus on preparing the body for higher meditation, Kundalini Yoga focuses more on achieving the Kundalini energy which is important if a person wants to achieve spiritual perfection.

Kundalini can be best described using the theories of kinetic and potential energy. Kundalini, which literally means coiled up or better known as the snake position, seeks to explore the dormant life energies or forces in the body. Followers of Kundalini Yoga believe that the dormant energies can be awakened with the proper discipline such as the discipline of Kundalini Yoga.

Like the other Yoga types, Kundalini Yoga puts emphasis on the asana as well as chant and meditation to achieve the goal of releasing the hidden and dormant energies lying in the body. While people would look at the poses as mere stretching, it holds a deeper meaning for yoga followers.

While the poses and breathing techniques used by practitioners of Kundalini Yoga are aimed at healing and empowering different body parts specifically the spine, these should not be treated as medical treatments. On the other hand, a person who wants to start practicing Kundalini Yoga should first consult his doctor if the exercises are appropriate for him considering his physical condition or health.

Kundalini Yoga focuses on the awakening of the chakras or centers of energy that are located in different parts of the body from the spine to the head. There are seven centers of energy located in these body parts but there is an eight chakra which is more popularly known as aura.

Practitioners of Kundalini Yoga believe that the aura can be awakened through the asana and the breathing techniques. A person can become physically and mentally healthy and strong if he knows how to awaken this aura and source his energies from that aura.

Practicing Kundalini Yoga is expected to release the hidden energies and potentialities of a person. A person can be more mentally and physically present and alert just by releasing and awakening the hidden energies deep inside the chakras.

A person who follows the Kundalini discipline can develop his conscious and subconscious self and then unify them to achieve the union of the divine leading to a higher level of existence.

Some people may think that Kundalini Yoga is available only to specific groups of people. However, just about anyone who wants to awaken his inner strength can follow the Kundalini Yoga discipline. A person who wants to minimize the effects of stress in his life or who wants to attain a higher level of meditation or self knowledge can take on Kundalini Yoga.

Unlike other stress relievers which are not only expensive but requires a person to get out of the house, Kundalini Yoga can be practiced for free and even in the confines of the home. No need to spend money on anything but a person who wants to practice Kundalini Yoga should invest time and effort in getting to know the many poses and disciplines of Kundalini Yoga.

Kundalini Yoga has been used to treat people with emotional disorders particularly those suffering from OC or obsessive-compulsive behavior. It has been proven to relax the muscles and relieving bodily and emotional tension.

A person who practices Kundalini Yoga can expect to be more at peace with himself and with his surroundings. He can expect to have an increased energy level and an increase coping mechanism against mental and physical stress.

By bringing out the energies trapped within the body and mind, the Kundalini Yoga disciple will be able to achieve an inner peace and a higher level of existence never before experienced in his life. He will be able to gain more control of his life and of his thoughts.

Anyone who wants to gain spiritual independence should go try Kundalini Yoga and benefit from the physical and emotional maturity that can be gained from this discipline.

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