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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kundalini Initiation

Kundalini Initiation

Kundalini Initiation
Kundalini is a potential horrifying energy that is lied down in each body of humankind since they were born. "Kundalini'' literally means coiling,  like a snake came from the Sanskrit language. Whereas in terminology West, Kundalini was acknowledged as "Fire Serpent” And in yoga Tradition, Kundalini assumed to be very important focus point because the awakening of Kundalini is regarded as one of the roads to join with the Universe and as part of the process of "Spiritual Enlightenment"

The shape of coiling, like a spring (The Kundalini roll) is located in and around the tail bones and generally this horrifying potential energy is still in the condition of "fell asleep" and it’s shape is like a three semicircular. Opened or awakened Kundalini means the commencement of cleaning completely against the Chakra, human body parts and the energy channel/the etheric route of humankind.
Only by the refined Touch of the hands of the True Kundalini Master teacher Mr I Putu Ngurah Ardika (Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation) in the forehead of the pupils, They will be given the seed of Kundalini-God. This seed will stimulate the rise of Kundalini from forever sleeping lately. Kundalini Pupils could use and feel of Kundalini Energy in a very short time, immediately after the initiation. The initiation tradition by giving the seed of Kundalini Tuhan is one of the best and safe methods as the beginning technique to understand Kundalini. It also really is suggested to be followed up for those who experienced Kundalini Syndrome resulting from the Kundalini rising spontaneously, and resulting from the wrong-way training of Kundalini.

The aim of Kundalini awakening brought in the expansion that was said as the Universal Awareness, The peaceful light, and the True Love is not a promise in the future but will be the possibility that their characteristics could be gained by us straightaway.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010



For hundreds of years ago, wise men and yogis have practiced meditation and extolled the benefits. In today’s hectic world there is no better time to take up meditation.
What is Meditation?
In simple terms, meditation is quietening your mind. If you stop for a moment and watch your thoughts you will notice that you are always thinking. You may be worrying about this and that, planning something, replaying earlier events or conversations. All the time your mind is an incessant chatterbox. With meditation you can clear your mind, quieten and even stop, the chatter - and reap enormous benefits.

Meditation in Bali
Why Meditate?
The benefits of meditation are immense. Practicing meditation regularly has been shown to reduce stress and lower blood pressure. Living a calmer life allows you to live longer and more happily, you look younger than your years, and you are much more able to cope with life’s inevitable setbacks and difficulties.
Meditation has also been shown to increase alpha brainwaves. Alpha brainwaves are the type of brainwaves used in creativity and problem solving. The more you meditate the more creative you will become which could lead to both personal and professional breakthroughs.

How Do You Meditate?
There are tapes and CDs available to help guide you into a meditative state but they are not necessary. All that you need is to find a time and place where you can relax and not be disturbed. The environment should be quiet and comfortable. You can play soothing, quiet music if you wish.
The intention is to relax your mind. One way to do this is to focus on an object or a sound to occupy the mind and stop it chattering on about anything else. Some people who meditate focus on a candle flame or a flower. Or you could close your eyes and focus on a sound in your mind, such as Ah-umm or Ohmm. The most important thing to remember about meditation is not to force anything. Meditation is not concentrating, it’s not forcing, it’s not even trying. Meditation is relaxing and allowing. It is Being.
When Do You Meditate?
You can meditate at any time you choose - morning, noon and night. You can even fit in a session of meditation during your lunch break from work. There are no rules about meditation. See what works for you. And equally, there are no rules about how long you should meditate. If you can only manage five minutes a day you will still feel the benefits after a very short period. Some of the Eastern holy men meditate for hours, or even days, at a time. While their experiences might be more heightened than yours, it really isn’t necessary to meditate for great long periods. Meditation is easy. Meditation is relaxing. And meditation is very good for you - try it and see for yourself.
One of the most famous meditation in Bali is in Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation especially in spiritual kundalini with Spiritual Kundalini Guru Mr I Putu Ngurah Ardika & Mrs Ida Ayu Inten Ganetri.

Friday, January 29, 2010

Acceleration Kundalini Meditation

Acceleration Kundalini Meditation

Meditation aims to accelerate the evolution of kundalini

  1. With a total surrender Please pray God's blessing that meditation is implemented as expected results, may also follow the following prayer: Dear God I worship, may I please approve meditation, with your kundalini serpent in the forehead servants will accelerate I kundalini growth in holiness. Thank you for your blessings Lord.
  2. Say the following mantra 11 times "Mulialah Kundalini" or "Om Kundalini ya Namah " Concentrate on the forehead about 1 finger on exactly eyebrows meeting in the area of Shiva's eyes, the seedlings distributed kundalini energy in the mind of God. Ask to clear the mind of negative energy and beg to be given light. Wait a few moments in quiet situations
  3. Distributes seeds kundalini energy in the right hand of God. Ask for clean right hand of the negative energy and ask to be given light. Please order the disc in the right hand activated and divided. Feel the light shining right hand and all the chakras blossom and grow. Wait a few moments in a state of calm
  4. Idem No. 3 to the left hand
  5. Idem No. 3 to the right leg
  6. Idem No. 3 to the left leg
  7. Idem No. 3 to the body
  8. Idem No. 3 to the neck and head
  9. Channel the energy of God's seed in chakra kundalini nirvana. Ask to clean out all the major chakras of negative energy and beg to be given light. Ask that all the major chakras activated and divided. Feel the basic chakras bloom and grow, then feel also the sex chakra, navel chakra, heart chakra, throat chakra, chakra ajna, and crown chakras bloom and grow with a white light, wait while in a state of calm.
  10. Channel the energy of God's seed in chakra kundalini nirvana, seek to cleanse our bodies 3 That body earth, astral body and spirit body, felt the third body glow.
  11. Distributes seeds kundalini energy back into the Eyes Lord Shiva on his forehead, ask holy water supernatural Sanjiwani, imagine seeds holy water supernatural Sanjiwani issued from his mouth down the entire body and illuminates the basic chakra kundalini where we are. Experience the kundalini snake rapidly expanding and white, Wait moments in quiet situations.
  12. Ask God to meditation had improved. Close the meditation by saying grace to God meditation may benefit themselves, their families and our environment.

Excerpted from the book Sastra Kundalini by I Putu Ngurah Ardika, SSn

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