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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Vegetarians in Spiritual Depth

Vegetarians in Spiritual Depth

Vegetarian diet is good for man to achieve and maintain optimal health. Today has been a lot of ordinary people who made the concept of vegetarianism as a reference of everyday life for health reasons, but not many who understand how the concept of vegetarianism is applied in a spiritual level. Vegetarians in the spiritual concept are defined as not killing (Ahimsa). Man as a creature of reason and reason are not allowed to interrupt, destroy something even more violence against animals with any purpose. Because animals have a spirit in the soul with the image could natural tears and bleeding. In contrast to plants those are categorized as living beings who have spirits but do not have souls.

Basically people do not have canine teeth and short intestines as well as carnivorous animals, and then humans actually created God only to consume vegetables. In the vegetable contains a variety of nutrients. By consuming vegetarian foods we will get peace of mind. If we take the example of meat-eating animal like a tiger or a crocodile, animal what people were eating and how his character, attack, capture and kill the enemy. In contrast to horses, elephants, cows, etc. what they eat? can be concluded that the pattern of food to create a pattern of characters and patterns of thought. If we can be a vegetarian, we will experience peace, we always get a blessing from God, more respectful of ourselves and most importantly we do not threaten the survival of animals.

How does the food we eat so we thought, "You are what you eat" A food pattern is a pattern of characters. Humans who do not like killing animal’s character softer, more peaceful, more embracing, more radiate love and the characteristics of other peace

Vegetarians in the spiritual level are not meant to kill and destroy an animal's survival. The concept of a vegetarian in a spiritual context divided in two levels of mental level and the level of thinking. Mental defined as the nature and an attitude held by a man while thought is interpreted as an underlying character of a man. Between mental and thought must be complementary to each other. The better we are undergoing the concept of vegetarianism (Ahimsa) is the good karma we get.

According to Mr. Putu Ngurah Ardika True Teacher of Kundalini in his book Way of Generating Ahimsa Love and Wisdom says that a vegetarian is a choice based on the ability of conscience. Mr. Ngurah did not force students to choose a vegetarian. Only for those who want a better vegetarian be done in stages. In kundalini spiritual teaching that you will provide guidance automatically. For mature kundalini will provide guidance to not eat meat, just need to be trained little by little.

Vegetarian spiritually very profitable, but clean living a vegetarian without violence. God provides not only the doctrine should not kill people but not kill all living things. God created animals to accompany humans, God gave the holy guidance, take care of him, do not hurt him.

A vegetarian is not only required to not kill but more than that is not to say rude, do not do evil, no evil thought. All of this is mean of ahimsa. There are important things why we agreed to live a vegetarian life choice. Do not we want freedom from the inner burden of our sins. Clearly one of the requirements for achieving the perfect life of achieving freedom or immortality is brought compassion, love and wisdom.


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