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Monday, September 13, 2010

Kundalini Initiation

Kundalini Initiation

Kundalini Initiation
Kundalini is a potential horrifying energy that is lied down in each body of humankind since they were born. "Kundalini'' literally means coiling,  like a snake came from the Sanskrit language. Whereas in terminology West, Kundalini was acknowledged as "Fire Serpent” And in yoga Tradition, Kundalini assumed to be very important focus point because the awakening of Kundalini is regarded as one of the roads to join with the Universe and as part of the process of "Spiritual Enlightenment"

The shape of coiling, like a spring (The Kundalini roll) is located in and around the tail bones and generally this horrifying potential energy is still in the condition of "fell asleep" and it’s shape is like a three semicircular. Opened or awakened Kundalini means the commencement of cleaning completely against the Chakra, human body parts and the energy channel/the etheric route of humankind.
Only by the refined Touch of the hands of the True Kundalini Master teacher Mr I Putu Ngurah Ardika (Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation) in the forehead of the pupils, They will be given the seed of Kundalini-God. This seed will stimulate the rise of Kundalini from forever sleeping lately. Kundalini Pupils could use and feel of Kundalini Energy in a very short time, immediately after the initiation. The initiation tradition by giving the seed of Kundalini Tuhan is one of the best and safe methods as the beginning technique to understand Kundalini. It also really is suggested to be followed up for those who experienced Kundalini Syndrome resulting from the Kundalini rising spontaneously, and resulting from the wrong-way training of Kundalini.

The aim of Kundalini awakening brought in the expansion that was said as the Universal Awareness, The peaceful light, and the True Love is not a promise in the future but will be the possibility that their characteristics could be gained by us straightaway.


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