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Monday, May 18, 2009

Spiritual Journey Process of Kundalini

Spiritual Journey process of Kundalini

In real life, someone who pursue the spiritual especially Spiritual Kundalini Bali under the auspices of the Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation should always be kept out of desperation.
According to Mrs. Ida Ayu Inten Genitri (Bu Dayu) one of the teachers in the Spiritual Dharma Sastra Foundation should we as students must always be patient and steadfast face various trials of life. The purpose of spiritual teaching kundalini it self is to find inner balance and wisdom that is not swayed against the duality of life, or tidal life.

In general, whatever happens in this life is actually the result of our own karma, whether originating from the birth of present and past, we recall off or not. Therefore, we should rejoice because it is paying off karmic debts and through this spiritual journey, in fact the purification process that occurs will be accelerated and facilitated.

Now depending on the thickness of the inheritance of sin, which brought the karma will determine the degree of quantity and quality of experienced trial. Until one day we will begin to feel true happiness as the scales began to win good karma.

So in the process of spiritual living, in the beginning will happen with the purification process due to all the trials and suffering (grief) will appear alternately. In the end we will enjoy lasting happiness, when we become pure self.

Be patient, because anyone who wants to "level up" the level of spirit should continue to undergo any faced with great balance and a smile


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