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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Yoga Is One Of The Best Ways Of Keeping Fit

The word 'Yoga' is a Sanskrit term which means Union, and it isn't used just to describe meditation, however instead it is a doorway leading into balancing your mental, physical and spiritual well-being. This is an ancient holistic method of individual improvement practiced for years.

This has been practiced for almost five thousand years, and it is a certain form of body conditioning that is known to place an emphasis on strengthening the mind and the body, while at the same time stimulating the soul.

A Yogi is a male Yoga practitioner and Yogini is a female practitioner. In Indian philosophy, there are six orthodox systems and this system is one of them, being a practice that ensures health for the body and the mind. Comprehending the philosophy of it is a lifetime pursuit and it is just not about squatting in lotus position and chanting.

Practicing Yoga is one of the most effective ways of handling stress and it also effective in treating back problems that result due to postural defects. Complementary therapies make people feel good and this gives enough cause to cancer patients to resort to these methods. Many experts recommend the morning before breakfast as the best time for practicing it.

Some of the styles of this discipline are listed below: Raja Yoga: This literally means kingly yoga and is one of the four main paths of yoga. The practice of this yoga is meditation and methods that help in controlling the body, mind, energy and the senses. Kundalini Yoga is not stressful and is a safe method which brings about immediate results by practicing kriyas or special exercises.

We also have Hatha Yoga which is an extremely wonderful system that is comprised of breath control and postures; it is the basis for all of the modern asana based discipline forms. Sahaja Yoga is another very unique meditation method that is based on the actual experience of self realization which can occur within each and every human being. Moksha hot yoga is an exclusive method which has the combination of healing yoga and the basics of conventional yoga and this is practiced in an especially heated room.

Yoga is getting famous nowadays and is being practiced by both the young as well as the old people as it is good for people of all ages. Yoga has become the fastest growing and most popular exercise trend of all because it isn't something that is necessarily done to you as it is something that you do. It is a great activity during pregnancy, being moderate but allowing for the buildup of flexibility and endurance.

Based on information provided by the Associated Press and Fit Yoga, the discipline is becoming increasingly popular among the soldiers that are eager to improve their mental focus, stamina and flexibility. The practice should not only be taken as an exercise but should also be accepted as a method to develop happiness and harmony from within.

By Carol Bell


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